Do you know that our bars are triple milled? And why should you care?

Tripple Milled Soap & Shampoo Bar has been turning heads in the soap industry but is there really any difference to the normal soap we have been buying for years?


The French started it years ago (can also be referred to as French Milled Soap) and nowadays many reputable soap companies are beginning to use this method because it is the most ethical, authentic and hones ways to produce premium quality soaps & bars for their customers.

We will now dive a little deeper into the process of creating Triple Milled Soap/Bars and a normal everyday soap.


Making of A Normal Soap Bar

This process incorporates the saponification of fats and oils and is the most commonly used manufacturing process to make soap. It requires heating fats and oils to encourage them to react with liquid alkaline which eventually produces the soap and water content known as “neat soap” (with a little glycerin added).

Many bar soaps and shampoos out in the market are made with saponified oils (castor, coconut, and palm are the common ones). The saponification process increases the pH of oils, making the resulting product extremely alkaline.

Hence, the common result of why many are experiencing an extreme dryness to their hair.


Making of a Triple Milled Soap Bar

The initial chemical saponification process is the same but the fragrances and colors are also added at the beginning of the process. This way, by the time it comes to the milling, the added ingredients are well mixed and evenly distributed.

The bar is cooled and then grated into fine particles which can vary in size and produce a rough, gritty texture.

To smooth it out and ensure a soft and luxurious texture the particles are put through a roller and turned into a paste. This is done at least three times, hence the title of “triple milled”. Repeating this process more than three times may actually cause the soap to become too dry. It is an artful process.

Triple milling can only be achieved as a commercial application. The materials used in the process are heavy duty and need specialist supervision. A domestic form of milling soap is called re-batching and will not be as smooth or last as long as properly milled soap.


So, what makes our product special?

Shampoo With a Purpose is the first in Australia that uses Triple Milled process in manufacturing their shampoo bars.  So not only that the manufacturing process is professionally handled, the choice of the ingredients is also carefully selected in order to cater to the needs of 4-different hair types.

The ingredients used in the bar comes in generous number of premium components such as shea butter, Moroccan argan oil, sweet almond oil, Lilly Pilly extract, Chia seed extract, Oatmeal, Ginseng extract and Avocado.   

Although you may be able to find some triple milled bars out there in the market but many of them still contains either chemical coloring, synthetic fragrances, sulphates or parabens which are untrue despite the claimed of being a natural ingredient product.

Therefore, not only that our bars contain no coloring and synthetic fragrances, our bars are also FREE from the most toxic components such as SLS & Parabens. Hence, making it safe to be used even on a baby’s skin or for those who has sensitive scalp.

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